Water & soap has been the most proven method for centuries, so how can a wipe be as efficient and proven?

Washbasins and siphons under the basins are full of bacteria. It’s even one of the dirtest components in a toilet room. In addition, water is an important source of bacteria.
The hot air dryers are proven to be a very large source of bacteria. The moisture of the hands is not sucked sufficiently and the water including bacteria are spread on the floor, the walls and in the system itself. There is also a possibility of infection from one person to another. Also the sound is experienced by many as very unpleasant.

DeBritts special wet wipes are so designed serve as a complete replacement of wash basin, water, soap, dry paper towels and hot air dryers. All in one with no need for attention.

Is the use of 1 wet wipe for total hand cleaning enough and efficient, even with very dirty hands?

Yes, with normally contaminated hands, one wet wipe is more than enough. The cloth has a large size and is very strong. The dirt is absorbed into the cloth.
In heavily contaminated hands like fats, oil, ink and other stubborn dirt, several wipes might be needed to be used in some cases.

Sometimes my hands feel sticky after use, how can this be?

The cleansing ingredient feels somewhat sticky in some cases. This is the functioning of the wipe. After a few seconds this will disappear and afterwards the hands will feel very soft.

How skin-friendly are DeBritts wipes?

The wipes are very friendly to the skin. They do not contain alcohol, parabens (non-natural preservatives) or perfume. In addition to cleaning very well, they also put the skin in a healthy condition. The skin is experienced as very soft after use. For example, they are also suitable for using with babies.

Can the cloths be used frequently throughout the day?

This is not a problem.

Why is the smell so neutral?

We chose not to add perfume to the product. This because perfume gives an increased chance of allergic reactions. And because we want to offer everyone the same care and hygiene, they must be used for a wide audience.

What practical benefits do these wipes offer?

An independent investigation has shown that users name in particular the following benefits:

  • Hands can be cleaned much faster than before – less and shorter operations
  • More people at the same time can make use of it
  • Higher personal hygiene – no longer needed to touch “dirty” things (faucets, washbasins)
  • Easier to clean children’s hands (can also be taken immediately)
  • Toilet room remains cleaner than before
  • Toilet room is clean and quiet. No noise from hand dryers

Where are the wipes made from when paper is saved, as mentioned?

The wipes do not contain paper but are made of a special kind of nonwoven fabric. There is no paper to fit here.

Are the wipes recyclable?

Our wipes are 100% recyclable. The residual waste is converted into an alternate energy source or other products are made.

Does the product have CE marking?

No the wipes are covered by the cosmetics guidelines and therefore do not require CE.

Why is the dispenser made of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a strong material that can also be used well in humid areas. In addition, this material holds the least amount of bacteria and this makes it very hygienic in use.

What if I take the last wipe out of the pack?

The packaging comes out and can easily be removed by the following user. The next pack is in place and is ready for use immediately.

Do I have to close the dispenser?

No by the built-in system, the dispenser closes automatically. After getting a wipe, nothing needs to be touched and you can walk away immediately.