The latest innovation in hand and skin hygiene!

Did you know that washbasins and siphons are full of bacteria? These bacteria simply spread through water on your hands or clothes. Current (toilet) rooms are therefore often experienced as unhygienic. Think of water on the basins, wet floors, splashes on the mirrors and nowhere dry to put things down.

In order to prevent contact moments, sensors are used in toilet rooms. It turns out that they do not often do it or its operation is unclear. Hot air dryers are used to replace dry towels. However, many reports show that these dryers spread bacteria properly because there is insufficient space to drain the water. The water thus ends in the device, on the ground, on walls and on your clothes, causing re-spread of bacteria.


And then you suddenly encountered deBritts® … A whole new experience! Because where is the sink? DeBritts® dispenser and associated wet wipes are the latest innovation in hand and skin hygiene.

DeBritts® wet wipes remove as well (in most cases even better) the dirt of the hands. Your hands are cleaned and at the same time taken care of, making them feel soft. The dispenser can be opened by hand or elbow and will automatically be closed again after use. You do not have to touch anything!

Take a wipe and experience the cleansing and caring effect. Walk, sit or stand while using the wipe. The room stays dry, there are no more dirty wash basins or paper towels. 1 efficient quick handling with 1 wipe! At the same time, you are working on a better environment through less water spillage and contaminated pipes through bacteria and soap residues.

Use it, experience it and experience the benefits of DeBritts

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